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In addition, to the usual steps for setting up an SSL cert for a website. WP needs its General Settings updated for the Site Address (URL) and the Wordpress Address (URL). Simply make sure they both use the https: protocol before the domain. This will force access to the site exclusively through SSL. This will also almost certainly caused mixed-content security errors as all the images on the site will have the http protocol due to the Wordpress fixation on absolute URLs.

To fix mixed content:

  2. Did I mention that you should back up the site? You are about to do a global search and replace across every table in the database. If this goes south recovery without a good back could be extremely painful.
  3. Install this plugin -
  4. Goto wp-admin > Tools > Bettter Search and Replace
  5. Search the database for the full domain using http and replace it with the full domain using https
  6. Check the frontend using the browser inspector (and your eyeballs) to make sure everything is kosher.
  7. Uninstall the Better Search and Replace plugin. No sense keeping kludge around.

Full details and other options for dealing with mixed content in WP can be found here...

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